1、Overseas Chinese Building opened on May 1st, 1957 and Ms He Xiangning titled Overseas Chinese Building to it.
2、P.M. of the State Council, Zhou Enlai came to Guangzhou to have a meeting in the autumn of 1959. He ever made a personal appearance at Overseas Chinese Building to learn about the reception work of that time, and later, he made instructions on many occasions that it was important to attach great attention to the reception work for overseas Chinese.
6、Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Building Enterprise Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign cooperative venture managed together by Guangdong China Travel Agency and Nanyang Huazhong (HK) Co., Ltd., was set up on September 13th, 1985 after authorized by Guangdong Province Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission. The company is mainly responsible for investing in rebuilding and expansion to Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Building, which was renamed as Hotel Landmark Canton and managed together by the two companies.
7、Vice President Wang Zhen came to Overseas Chinese Building for inspection for the first time in November, 1986.
8、President Yang Shangkun came to Overseas Chinese Building for inspection on April 23rd, 1987 when he came to Guangzhou to be present at the 110th birth anniversary of Liao Zhongkai.
10、Guangdong China Travel Agency and HK Overseas Chinese Building Enterprise Co., Ltd. headed by Liang Qingjing, the vice president of the Singapore Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, expanded Overseas Chinese Building together. On June 25th, 1987, Overseas Chinese Building laid the groundwork. The people presented at its breaking ground ceremony included some leaders from Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Travel Agency Head Office, China’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province, the Federation of Guangdong Returned Overseas Chinese and the real estate of Guangdong Province, and representatives of cooperation parties, like Liang Lingguang, Zhu Senlin, Yi Meihou, Huang Qingqu, Lai Zhuyan and Shi Anhai.
11、Vice-chairperson of the NPC Kang Keqing inspected Overseas Chinese Building accompanied by Governor Ye Xuanping in July, 1987.
12、Vice-chairperson of the NPC Peng Chong inspected Overseas Chinese Building after he was present at the opening ceremony of Sixth National Games in Guangzhou on December 8th, 1987.
13、Vice President Wang Zhen inspected Overseas Chinese Building for the second time and wrote “Chaozhou foods top those elsewhere” for it on March 19th, 1988.
14、Guangdong China Travel Agency and China Travel International Hotel Management (Macao) Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the management of the new Hotel Landmark Canton on June 31st, 1988.
15、On February 20th, 1990, Chairman of the Federation of China Returned Overseas Chinese, Zhuang Yanlin and Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of the NPC inspected Overseas Chinese Building which was under an expanding construction.
17、1991年2 月华侨大厦改称华厦大酒店。
18、On February 16th, 191, Chairman of the NPC, Wan Li inspected Hotel Landmark Canton accompanied by Lin Ruo, Yi Meihou, Chen Kaizhi and Situ Rongsheng.
19、Hotel Landmark Canton began to open partially with rooms and restaurants below Floor 13 on February 26th, 1991.
20、Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Qian Weichang and Minister of China’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council Liao Hui inspected Hotel Landmark Canton on June 12th, 1991.
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